Our Mission

“We are passionate about the food we eat, the people we serve and the planet we share.”

Our mission statement is the foundation for the decisions we make about what products we will sell at Roots Market. Providing our customers with the most clean, healthy and delicious foods is the reason we are here. We are the go-to place for vegetarians and vegans, and we offer the area’s widest variety of gluten-free foods. We are committed to selling organic produce, and all of our in-house prepared foods are made with the same organic produce we sell on our shelves. We don’t believe in artificial flavors or colors, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and many other questionable ingredients.

We will not bring any new grocery items into the store unless they are free of GMO ingredients. We prefer products that are certified organic and/or verified by the non-GMO project. It is our goal to discontinue products that contain GMO ingredients, and we diligently research products and seek non-GMO alternatives so that we may achieve this goal. We support initiatives to require that products containing GMO ingredients be labeled.

We share this planet with billions of animals, many of them raised for food. The treatment of animals in agriculture has always been a big concern for us, and each year we raise the bar on what animal products we will sell in the store. The fresh and frozen meat in our meat department comes from farms that have very strong animal welfare policies and practices. Most of them meet the standards of Animal Welfare Approved, Global Animal Partnership (Step 2 or higher) or Certified Humane. We prefer farms that also commit to using non-GMO feed, though we cannot guarantee this on non-organic meats. We seek sustainable seafood – rated by Seafood Watch as a “best choice” or “good alternative.” We give preference to wild-caught seafood that comes from Marine Stewardship Council approved fisheries.

All of our cheese and other dairy products come from cows that are not given any synthetic growth hormones. We offer both certified organic cheese options, and a variety of specialty cheeses from around the world. Our eggs also come from farms that have strong animal welfare standards where chickens are never caged. We offer a number of certified organic eggs and Certified Humane eggs. Seasonally we offer local eggs from fully pastured chickens.

While we serve our local community by providing organic, healthy foods, we also serve the larger human community by supporting Fair Trade products from around the globe. Fair Trade practices ensure that small farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their work and also offer a financial premium that cooperatives use to improve their local communities – building schools, improving health care, or whatever they feel would best support their families. Look for Fair Trade logos on coffee, tea, bananas, chocolate bars, rice, quinoa, sugar and more.

Our Wellness Department works hard to stay on top of current research to make sure that the products we sell are the cleanest options for Roots shoppers. In addition to looking for pure products with clean ingredients, our Wellness Department focuses on fair trade and ecologically sustainable sourcing.

We also look at the companies that produce the items we sell. We prefer independently owned companies, and companies that share our commitment to food, people, animals and planet. We love supporting local companies. We take into consideration the research done by our friends at HowGood and give preference to items that are well-rated.

We carefully measure every new product against our standards before it hits our shelves, so you can shop with confidence. If you have questions about our product standards, please contact us at wecare@rootsmkt.com.standards-01

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