Roots Cares: A Tale of Two Doctors: The Role of Diet, Stress and Movement in Chronic Illness

What we learned after medical school…

 Have you always struggled with your weight? Do you often feel stressed or feel tired most of the day? Are you worried about your risk of chronic illness and cardiovascular disease? Do you struggle with navigating labels such as “no trans fats,” or “low in sugar,” versus “low in fat?” Have you wondered about artificial and natural sweeteners? Have you considered the role of spices in your diet?

Join physicians and authors, Drs. Jyothi Rao and Monica Aggarwal as they discuss risk factors for heart disease and chronic illness and tools to combat those risks. They will discuss why so many symptoms can be traced back to the foods we eat. They will discuss the role of mind-body techniques in combating stress. There will be hands-on demonstrations of stress relaxation techniques, education on food labels and practical tips on how to feed yourself and your family in a healthful way so that you not only lose weight but truly never feel hungry and have incredible energy. These two doctors don’t believe in counting calories or counting carbs but just believe in eating good, clean food. They will have their book,, for sale and signing at a discount.

Join them for a discussion and active learning experience!

Dr. Jyothi Rao is a board certified Internist and acupuncturist who has an integrative wellness practice in Mt. Airy, MD (

Dr. Monica Aggarwal is a board certified cardiologist at the University of Florida where she is the Director of Nutrition in Cardiovascular Diseases (

  • Date: Mon, March 20
  • Time: 6:30p – 8:30p
  • Cost: $20 –  Light Snacks will be offered. Class limited to 40 people.

Use the form below, call 443-535-9321 or stop by Guest Services to sign up. This class is held in Clarksville. *Registration and payment in advance is required.


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