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Reusable Bag Credit Donation Program

Results for September - March

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Supporting Nonprofits

From April – September, we will be collecting wooden tokens, representing each “refund dime,” to support the critical work of these nonprofit organizations:

Small Angels Rescue: Monrovia, MD

The mission of Small Angels Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats. These animals are worthy of respectful and compassionate treatment. They advocate and facilitate responsible animal care and companionship.

Black Veg Society: Baltimore, MD

The Black Veg Society’s (BVS – formerly Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland) mission is to educate the public, particularly BIPOC communities, on the benefits of veganism and a plant-based diet while building a community centered around healthy, accessible, and sustainable food and a focus on lifestyle choices.

Bethesda Green: Bethesda, MD

Bethesda Green works to cultivate innovative “eco-entrepreneurs” and incubate green business development to ensure compatibility between economic development and environmental protection. They advise existing local businesses through B-Corps Certification on best practices for sound governance, support for workers, and sustainability. 


All of the “dimes” will be tallied and donations will made to the charities thanks to your generosity! Beginning in October, 2022, we will collect for three new organizations. It’s completely up to you whether you’d like to keep your reusable bag refund or donate it to charity.

Be on the lookout for our charity collection bins, and think about giving back!

Results of our previous donations:

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