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Reusable Bag Credit Donation Program

Results for April - September 2022

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Supporting Nonprofits

From October – March, we will be collecting wooden tokens, representing each “refund dime,” to support the critical work of these nonprofit organizations:

Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education, MD

MAEOE encourages and empowers our community to understand, responsibly use and promote the natural world.

A major focus for MAEOE is managing and operating the MD Green Schools and Green Centers Programs. This initiative involves training Green Centers and Green Leaders to support teachers and students to implement sustainable activities. 

Currently, this program consists of 621 Green Schools, 42 Green Centers and over 200,000 involved students, teachers, and parents.

Safe Haven Equine Warriors, MD

SHEW is a Maryland-based nonprofit dedicated to the humane treatment of equines. Their primary focus is to rescue, rehab, and re-home equines either suffering from abuse and neglect or those in imminent danger of slaughter, abuse, or neglect.

Their guiding principle is that “There are no bad horses, just horses in bad situations–each deserving of a fair chance for a better life. 

Moveable Feast, MD

Vision: A Maryland where people come together to feed people, fight disease, and foster hope.

Mission: Improve the health of Marylanders experiencing food insecurity and chronic illness by preparing and delivering medically tailored meals and providing nutrition education, thereby achieving racial, social, and health equity. 


All of the “dimes” will be tallied and donations will made to the charities thanks to your generosity! Beginning in April, 2023, we will collect for three new organizations. It’s completely up to you whether you’d like to keep your reusable bag refund or donate it to charity.

Be on the lookout for our charity collection bins, and think about giving back!

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