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Delivery & Curbside Pick Up FAQ

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our delivery and curbside pickup program with Mercato! We are happy to make shopping easier for you and your family during this unprecedented time.  Our team will continue to fine tune our procedures along the way so we can make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you deliver or have curbside pickup?  We offer both delivery and curbside pickup through our partner, Mercato. You can place your order from right here.  Just be sure to choose the location you prefer to shop from.  You can generally get orders for pickup or delivery within a couple days. The final cost is the amount of the groceries plus a 10% service fee to help cover the time of the employee shopping on your behalf. If you choose to have your groceries delivered, there is an additional delivery fee. 

What is Mercato? Are they reliable?  Mercato is a 3rd party partner that we use to station our online store. They also take care of our delivery services. For more information on Mercato – check out the Help Center on their website.

Do I have to sign up with Mercato or can I log in as a guest? You will need to create an account with Mercato, but the process is very easy.  You can sign in with your gmail, facebook account or sign up with your email. Once you do this you can begin shopping!

I don’t live in the area. Can you ship me the products to me? Unfortunately, we are not able to ship your groceries to you.

I am a Roots Rewards Member, are those discounts applied to online orders? Our apologies that at this time rewards member discounts are exclusively for in-store purchases. However, keep an eye out for the discount codes that Mercato offers periodically. We will also bring these codes to your attention in our e-newsletters and on social media.

How long do I have to wait to pick up my order or have it delivered? Can I just come and pick it up today? Pickup and delivery times vary depending on daily demand. We have a limited number of slots available, however, recently we have been able to fill orders within a 1-3 day time frame. We can’t guarantee this since our time slots are limited, but we will do our best. When you complete your shopping, you will be shown the available time slots for when your order can be delivered or picked up. Orders may be placed for up to 7 days in the future. Each day more order slots will open up for 7 days out. 

Can I add something to my order, or make a changes to an existing order? Yes! Mercato now has an option to add items to your order. We are able to add up to 5 additional items to your order 48 hours in advance. You can also add items yourself by logging into your Mercato account, clicking on your name on the top right hand side, selecting account options, and clicking on orders.

Can you just take my credit card and add items over the phone for my extra items?  All payments must go through the Mercato system. For credit card security reasons, we are able take credit card information over the phone for additional items.

There is an item I want that I know you have that is not on your online store. How do I add this?  We are adding new items to our online store weekly. If the item you are looking for is not yet available online, let us know at and we will try to get it added within a couple weeks. We appreciate your patience!

Are there limits on the number of items or price of an order?  The order minimum is $30.00. There is no limit on how large an order can be. We have seen orders of over $1,000 come through without any problem. There is also no limit on the number of items per order.

How do I choose between delivery or curbside pickup? At the end of your order it will ask for you to enter your address.  If you are going to select curbside pickup, don’t enter your address and you can expand the screen and a curbside option appears.  If you have entered your address just remove it, and the curbside option will appear. If you want delivery, just enter your address and it will let you know if your address is eligible for delivery.

I am having trouble logging into the Mercato system or having other technical difficulties. Please call 1-844-699-2776 or email to reach Mercato’s customer service line and they should be able to help.

I have tried to call Mercato and email them, and they will not get back to me. Can you help? At this point Mercato is experiencing an unusually high call volume given the increase in online shopping. With that said, we want to apologize for the wait you have or may be having. Their goal is to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

I need a refund for something missing on my order, can you do this?  Mercato handles all of the payment processing for purchases and returns. Contact them at or 1-844-699-2776.

I have placed an order for tomorrow and another for next week. Can you please have them both ready tomorrow? We appreciate the 2 orders and cannot thank you enough for that, unfortunately Mercato does not allow us to combine orders as they hold the credit card for the two transactions separately and do not let us complete orders until 24 hours before their scheduled time.

Can I change my delivery to a curbside pickup or curbside pickup to a delivery? You can contact Mercato at or 1-844-699-2776 if you want to change pickup or curbside.  You are welcome to come to the store to pick up your order, but if you had previously scheduled a delivery, you must call Mercato or they will still send a driver and you will be charged the delivery fee.

Can I reschedule or cancel my order? If you need to reschedule your order, you’ll have to email with your request as soon as possible. You can cancel an order on the Mercato 48 hours in advance of it’s scheduled time. For orders placed on the same day, you have up to 30 minutes after your order was placed to cancel on the Mercato website. Unfortunately, Mercato does not allow any cancellation requests after those times.

I created an order and then it says that there are no available slots. Will I lose my order?  If all available slots are taken, you can keep the order in your cart and check again the next day for an available slot. Every morning new slots open up. As long as you are signed in – your order will stay in the cart.

Can I trust Mercato? Will my information be kept private? Mercato encrypts all private information when entered into the website, and none of this information is released to any third party or anyone else.  It is used simply for shipping and to inform you of special offers from Mercato such as coupons, etc.

Can I return something if I am not satisfied? We apologize that something didn’t meet your expectations.  Please give Mercato a call or email and they will replace or refund the product for you. You can contact them at or 1-844-699-2776.

Can we order beer and wine in Olney? At this point beer and wine are not available for sale online.

What is Mercato Green? Do you really get free delivery for a year? Mercato Green is a subscription that offers you free delivery for a brief trial period, and then you pay a fee for one-year of free, unlimited delivery service within a certain mileage area. If you are outside that area, your subscription would get you reduced delivery fees. The details of the plan are on – but please be advised that once the trial period ends, you will automatically be charged for a full year (not monthly).

Mercato charged my credit card for a year of their delivery service. Can you give me a refund?  Unfortunately, we are not able to do this. Please contact Mercato to request this refund and to cancel your Mercato Green subscription.  You can contact Mercato support at or 1-844-699-2776.

Can I still get delivery even if I am not a Mercato Green Member? Yes, you can choose to pay each time you place an order for delivery. You do not need to be enrolled in the Mercato Green program. 

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