We are passionate about the food we eat, the people we serve and the planet we share.

Our mission statement is the foundation for the decisions we make about what products we will sell at Roots Market. We are committed to providing clean, healthy and delicious products.

We offer the widest variety of plant-based products in all of Maryland, as well as a wide array of gluten-free foods.
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Check out our newest products and team member recommendations.

NEW! Hungry Planet Gyoza

Plant-Based Pork Gyoza — Perfect as an appetizer or entrée. Packed with protein and fiber, with fewer calories and less fat (no saturated) than conventional …

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NEW! Good Planet Foods Cheese Wedges

Snackable Cheese Wedges by Good Planet Foods! Savory, snackable, and Keto Certified plant-based wedges are here! ! 6 wedges that are full of flavor and …

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NEW! HiBAR Eco-Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner

Goodbye plastic, hello HiBAR — salon-quality shampoos and conditioners in solid form. Their mission is to inspire people to remove plastic from their lives. Salon …

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NEW! Mortal Kombucha

Mortal Kombucha — A revitalizing Kombucha energy drink, ramped up with awesome. Kombucha + Energy! This bubbly probiotic tea is full of zenergy! Their blends …

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NEW! Conscious Cultures Plant-Based Cheese

Conscious Cultures Artisan Plant-Based Cheese — Lovingly crafted in Philadelphia with a slow and steady hand. These cashew-based cheeses were a hit with our teams …

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NEW! JUST Egg Sous Vide

Introducing JUST Egg Sous Vide — A delicious, protein-rich breakfast bite made with the sous vide method. Three unique flavors now available at Roots! Sous vide …

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Gift Cards

Roots Market Gift Cards are available for purchase at both our Clarksville & Olney stores.

You are welcome to order one over the phone at 443-535-9321.

Both Great Sage & Nest offer gift cards for their businesses at their locations or over the phone!
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